REIKI (pronounced "ray-key") shown by the characters above are two Japanese kanji which are more than words in a sentence. They tell a story through a visual expression. The tip of the upper kanji is the sky, the 4 horizontal lines represent rain, the 3 little circles are the receptacles that catch the rain, and the lines under them represent a human form. The lower kanji's horizontal lines represent vapor rising from the earth from the rice at the very bottom as it is being prepared for nourishment. The cycle of vapor rising to the heavens causing precipitation to fall onto the earth as rain is the cycle of life and the metamorphosis of evolution. Together the picture symbolizes the trinity of humankind, heaven, and earth offering infinite possibilities through spiritually-guided (rei) life energy (ki).

Reiki is much easier to define by experience than by definition! The technique is practiced when ki, a life force energy current (present everywhere) guided by a higher source, Rei, flows through a practitioner's hands as they move in a series of hand positions on or above a recipient's fully clothed body. The "Rei" (universe/spiritually-guided) directs the flow of "ki" (life energy which flows through all living things). Science refers to it as "biofield energy". When this life energy is low, we feel "low." When our life energy is full and positive, we feel healthy and balanced. The recipient can rest on a Reiki table, sit in a chair, stand or even be across the room while Reiki flows its life energy.


Recipients and Practitioners describe Reiki as being a wonderful way to experience a sense of balance at many levels! They further describe profound results including relaxation, joy, calmness, restful sleep, clarity... while some feel similar and more subtle effects several days later.


Reiki benefits include reduction in stress, insomnia, unhealthy feelings and other minor conditions. The most common benefit shared by recipients is RELAXATION which allows any healing process to commence! It is estimated that 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children in the United States received one or more Reiki sessions, and over 800 hospitals across the US offer Reiki by request.* There are also many Reiki volunteer programs in various facilities including those for the elderly.


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Note: Skills taught in classes, workshops and training are for personal development to be used on the self, family or friends. Reiki works in conjunction with regular healthcare and is not intended to substitute medical or psychological care.