Text Box: Crystal Singing Bowls                 What are crystal singing bowls?  The term, crystal singing bowls, describes a specifically formed instrument shaped like a bowl.  Unlike the Tibetan metal bowl, a crystal singing bowl is made of pure quartz crystal. Quartz crystal properties begin with silica sand and water. During the manufacturing process, the quartz is heated in special molds to a Fahrenheit degree of 5000-7000+. Bowls vary in size, weight, pitch, texture, and with the latest techniques, now come in a variety of choices including frosted, clear, colored, gemstone, and even precious metal. The sound produced is said to “sing” like the term used when the larynx approximates to produce vocal sound.          What are crystal singing bowls used for?  Crystal singing bowls are used in many ways through various modal practices of science and philosophy (i.e., music scales, chakras, color, consciousness, etc.). They can be used for meditation and energy work where experienced practitioners select one or a combination of bowls to achieve the desired result. They can also be used by non-practitioners who randomly select and use one or a combination of bowls to discover and explore the many possibilities a bowl produces. Crystal singing bowls also provide an aesthetic addition to any home or workplace by creating a pleasing and harmonious ambience.           How are crystal bowls played?  Begin with intention! Crystal Singing Bowls produce an audible sound and “sing” when they are softly contacted by a cloth/suede covered striker or a felt/rubber mallet against a bowl which is commonly placed on a straw/rubber ring (“o-ring”). The technique used for striker/mallet contact can be rubbing, gliding or gonging. Once contact is made, a tone is produced and vibrations are set in motion. The initial pitch is audible, yet many other pitches occur which address the areas of intention. These other vibrations/pitches are called overtones. Every fundamental pitch consists of a series of these overtones which are produced more regularly with practice.        How do I select a crystal bowl, and how many should I buy?  The most common answer given when selecting a crystal singing bowl is, let it select you!  Through intention, practice, discovery and a little research, one bowl is sufficient. Two or more bowls, however, can be dedicated to a multitude of possibilities, including a set of “chakra” or “diatonic” bowls which come in 7-12 pitches ranging of same or various sizes, and even extending beyond 2 octaves.      How do I care for my crystal singing bowl?  A crystal singing bowl is a very sturdy instrument. It is also very delicate. Do not place any objects on or inside the bowl. Irregular vibrations can shatter a bowl, and because it produces vibrations which continue to resonate inaudibly to the human ear, the bowl must be kept free from contact during that time.  Playing more than one bowl at a time produces many vibrations, so give them room by placing them at least 1-3 feet apart from each other. The most important thing in caring for your new crystal singing bowl is intention, love and light!                                                       © 2010